Saying goodbye is never easy; our cats are part of the family. We try to make this hard time as easy as we can on both your cat and your family. If you think it is time to consider your options, our team is here for you.

When should I consider pet euthanasia?

Euthanasia is a very personal decision if they cannot do the things that they have always enjoyed, and it is causing them discomfort and distress, you may wish to have a quality of life consultation with your veterinarian.

What is the process for cat euthanasia?

Our veterinarian will see you for a quality of life consultation to decide if this is the best option. If so, we will sedate your cat, so they are asleep, and finally inject the euthanasia drug through an IV catheter and end their life peacefully.

Can I stay with my cat during euthanasia?

Absolutely. We want to make saying goodbye as comfortable as possible for you and your pet. If you wish to stay, you certainly can. If you wish to leave at any point, you can do that as well.