X-ray and Ultrasound

We use x-rays to view internal structures we are unable to examine otherwise and to view tooth roots below the gum to help determine if the tooth is healthy during dental procedures. X-rays can help us diagnose a number of issues, such as fractures, ingesting something they shouldn’t have, or even pregnancy. We also now offer abdominal ultrasounds at our hospital.

Does the clinic also do feline dental X-rays?

Yes, we provide dental X-ray services.

How long does an ultrasound take?

Patients will be dropped off for a period of approximately three hours and then the results submitted for interpretation. Reports from the radiologist will be forwarded to the referring clinic for discussion with the client when received. This is usually within a 24 hour time frame. Please see our Pet Ultrasounds page for more information.

How much does a cat X-ray/ultrasound cost?

If you think your cat may need X-rays or ultrasounds, please give us a call for more information.


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