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Basic Puppy Training 101

Whatever the method you choose to train your puppy, the first step is to be absolutely sure that your puppy understands what is expected.

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What Does It Mean When Your Cat Is Scratching Themselves?

First of all let’s talk about why cats scratch. Cats ‘scratch’ on items for two reasons. The reason we think of most often is to sharpen their claws. But scratching also serves another purpose.

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How To Keep Your Cat’s Litter Box Fresh

The litter box is where your cat will defecate and urinate. These are some guidelines you should follow in order to reduce odor and encourage your cat to use this box regularly.

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What Is Really Happening to Your Pet When They Have Fractured Teeth

Fractured teeth are a very common occurrence in dogs and cats. They can break due to trauma (hit by a car, ball, or rock) or due to chewing on hard objects. Any tooth can break, however some teeth are fractured more than others.

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Feline Oral Resorbtive Lesions

Feline oral resorbtive lesions are second only to periodontal disease in incidence of oral disease.

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A Guide to Understanding Feline Behaviour

Cats make wonderful pets! Understanding normal feline behavior and communication can make the cat-owner relationship strong and long lasting.

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