Behavioural Counseling

Behavioural issues can vary greatly, from a dog with separation anxiety, destructive behaviour, eliminating in the house, to a dog who is aggressive. All of these issues can be tricky to treat, and the first point of contact should be your veterinarian to rule out possible medical causes.

How can behavioural counseling help my dog’s behaviour?

We can help address your dog’s behaviour and may be able to help you help your dog overcome their anxiousness, fearfulness and stress that they may have by working together on an effective plan.

What happens at the initial dog counseling meeting?

We often have you bring your dog with you and observe their personality and behaviours. We will then discuss your concerns and ask you a series of questions to help us understand what is happening. We also may recommend a consult with a veterinary behaviourist or trainer who specializes in dogs like yours.

Will my pet insurance policy cover the cost of dog behaviour counseling?

As every insurance is different, we recommend checking with your provider.

What can I expect after the consultation?

Follow-up appointments are very important to the success of any behaviour modification plan. We may prescribe medications to help with anxiety and/or also recommend positive reinforcement trainers who can work with you and your dog on a regular basis.


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