Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is one of the most common illnesses affecting middle aged to senior dogs and cats.  Arthritis occurs when a joint is unstable causing the bones to move abnormally within the joint.  Over time, this movement erodes cartilage and bone begins rubbing against bone creating inflammation and pain.

Is my pet at risk to develop arthritis?

Some factors that may make your pet more prone to develop arthritis are previous injury, obesity, and genetic predisposition.

What are the symptoms of arthritis in dogs and cats?

Symptoms can include stiffness, limping and unwillingness to be active.  These symptoms may begin as very subtle changes in behavior.  For example, maybe your dog doesn’t charge up the stairs like before or takes longer to recover after a play session.  Signs in cats may be harder to recognize.  You may notice changes with the litter box, as your cat may be too painful to jump in and out.  Cats may groom excessively in one area, which may be a focal point of pain.  These are just a few examples; if you notice any changes in your pets’ behavior, contact us for an appointment.

What are some treatment options for arthritis?

The best way to prevent and treat arthritis is keeping your pet at a healthy weight.  This will reduce the stress on joints.  If you think your pet may be overweight, please contact us.  We can create a weight loss plan tailored to your pet.  Other treatments for arthritis can include specialized mobility diets, supplements, medications, or injections. We do not recommend giving your pet human pain medication or any medication that has not been prescribed by your veterinarian.


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